I am a full-stack developer from Bulacan, Philippines, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, majoring in Computer Science. I am passionate about programming and have been doing it since high school, falling in love with it in the process. I have explored a wide array of programming languages and technologies. Professionally, I build software systems using PHP, Laravel, Angular, React and Node.js.

Professionally, I have taken on the responsibility of maintaining an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system single-handedly, including the server-side components. This experience has given me the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of system architecture, data management, and server maintenance. It has also underscored the critical role technology plays in business operations.

In addition to this, I have collaborated with a diverse group of developers to build a dating app using React and Firebase, enabling users to connect and find potential partners. This experience honed my skills in teamwork, communication, and problem-solving as we overcame technical challenges and delivered a reliable product.

I have also created and maintained open-source side projects. These projects, such as Lazy Email, have allowed me to showcase my development skills to the broader developer community and demonstrate my commitment to sharing knowledge and resources.

In addition to PHP, Laravel, React and Firebase, I also have expertise in other technologies like Angular, Node, Elixir, allowing me to provide a broad range of solutions for diverse project requirements.

My learning journey has been primarily self-driven, relying on online resources to expand my skill set. This approach has allowed me to stay updated with the latest industry trends and has equipped me with practical, hands-on knowledge to tackle real-world challenges.